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PDP Rejects Tribunal’s Judgment, Heads To Supreme Court

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) completely rejects the judgment of
the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal describing it as
provocative, barefaced subversion of justice and direct assault on the
integrity of our nation’s justice system.

The party is
particularly shocked that the tribunal failed to point to justice
despite the flawless evidence laid before it, showing that President
Buhari was not only unqualified to contest the election but also did not
score the majority of valid votes at the polls.

The PDP finds as
bewildering that a court of law could validate a clear case of perjury
and declaration of false information in a sworn affidavit, as firmly
established against President Muhammadu Buhari, even in the face of
incontrovertible evidence.

The party is also rudely shocked that
the Court took over the roles of the Respondents’ lawyers who clearly
abandoned their pleadings by refusing to call evidence in defense of the
petition. The court raked up all manner of excuses to make up for the
yawning gaps occasioned by the total absence of any evidence from the

Nigerians and the international community watched
in utter disbelief when the tribunal ruled that one need not provide a
copy or certified true copy of educational certificate such individual
claimed to possess, contrary to established proof of claims of

The party notes as strange that the court even
went ahead to provide rationalizations in favour of President Buhari,
even when all hard facts before it shows that he did not possess the
claimed educational certificate and that the Army was not in possession
of his WAEC certificate as claimed in the affidavit he deposed to in his
Presidential nomination form.

The PDP also described as shocking
that the court approved the flawed declaration of President Buhari as
the winner of the election despite evidence to show the perpetration of
illegalities, manipulations, alterations and subtraction of valid votes
freely given to Atiku Abubakar by Nigerians.

Indeed, the
pervading melancholic atmosphere across our nation since the verdict is a
direct indication that the judgment has not fulfilled the desires and
expectations of Nigerians.

The PDP however encouraged Nigerians
to remain calm and not to lose hope or surrender to despondency or
self-help, as our lawyers are upbeat in obtaining justice at the Supreme

This is more so as the tribunal itself admitted that there are several errors in the judgment.

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Last Updated: September 12, 2019

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